50 Mile Challenge

2008: Ben took part in the 50 Mile Challenge in Kent with good friend and Ocean Rowing and ENDURE team mate Ian Couch, as part of their preparation for the ENDURE expedition, and for fun!

The 50 Mile Challenge is an ultra distance marathon, which is officially 52.4 miles but it is by no means flat and was measured on one participant’s GPS as closer to 55 miles! (55 country miles!).

With 8 laps of the same course totalling the full distance it’s an event unlike the Thames path or any other point to point race as the mental demand is greater.

“There is definitely something more natural and dare I say it ‘easy’ about running 50 miles and making a journey from one point to another point on a map!

“As the 50 mile challenge website states ‘The Challenge is not a race. It has a simple purpose: to give individuals the opportunity to take on a challenge that tests both mental and physical fortitude in a safe, well organised environment.’

The 50 mile challenge is a fantastically well organised event and Mick’s (the organiser and ultra marathon vet) hospitality is second to none”.

Ben and Ian both completed the course with no problems or issues. Ben finishing in 9 hrs 41 minutes, with Ian extremely close.

“On the day there were some outstanding athletic performances and some amazing showings of grit and determination, and for me, as always, both were equally impressive and a privilege to see, congratulations to everyone who took part”.

Ian Couch 1.5 miles from the finish line (left).

“I was personally very disappointed with my own performance on the day and although had no problem with the event I was hoping to complete the event in less than 9 hours. However, both Ian and I tried some new strategies both in training in the lead up to the event and in nutrition before and throughout the event, both of us starting the day with depleted energy stores”.

“The experiment in essence was a success so I take the positive and experience from that”.