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Information taken from the Adventure Peaks website (see adventurepeaks.com) –

5th May 02:45 (7:30am Nepali time) Update from Heather at ABC.
Mark reached the summit at 7am Nepali time along with Mingma sherpa and Ben & Andrew have just reached the summit with KB and Dawa. George and sonam are 5 minutes away from the summit and well on his way to setting a new world record for the youngest person to climb the true Seven Summits at 16years and 361 days. So two records in less than one hour not bad for Geordie and George.
Stephen and Pasang are about half an hour away. Zac, Greg and Ang Phurba are about an hour away from the top.

The Adventure Peaks news page has more details about the whole party.

Congratulations from the people here at home

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2 Responses to “ON TOP OF THE WORLD”

  1. Dear Ben,

    Ran Fiennes and all the Trustees of the Transglobe Expedition Trust send you heartiest congratulations on your successful Everest climb. Fantastic effort but not entirely surprising!

    Best wishes,


  2. ben says:

    Thanks Anton, I have to admit it was a bit tougher than I was expecting but I would love to go back and do it again…if I didn’t have so many other expedition plans! 🙂

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