An hors d’oeuvre to my oeuvre: Why I adventure – My Dinner with Andre:

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I’d been writing this blog post for nearly two months! It would’ve seemed completely out of left field, a bit multi-directional and from time to time self indulgent. Well, I would’ve hoped so, because that’s kind of the point! It had been binned and taken back out and eventually reached over 20,000 words, so I’ve decided that I am going to save the text for people who want to find it!

So rather than a ‘service à la française’, if you are at all interested in ANYTHING, to do with ‘adventure’ activities, either taking part or simply as a voyeur, although it might at first seem of no relevance, please, I implore you to try take two hours out of your day when you can, either get a strong brew and a biscuit, or pour yourself a nice glass of an ’05 Lafite or ‘summat’, and let yourself be distracted by the 1981 ‘masterpiece’ ‘My Dinner with Andre’.

It’s a fantastic film for all sorts of reasons (which has taken me over 20,000 words to get anywhere near explaining the relevance of) but of primary importance for this blog it is, for nearly two hours, purely just two old ‘friends’ that work/worked in the same industry, the theatre, having a conversation, challenging each other and discussing ideas!

‘Wow that sounds dull/hard work’! I’m sure will be most people’s first reaction, but don’t worry, that’s a completely ‘nurtural reaction’, and one of the reasons I’m posting this blog at all, but also because I’m sure I can’t be the only one that is ‘bored’ of the ‘social thalidomide’ (yes, used as a sedative, and ‘known’ to cause birth defects!) we are force fed on a daily basis, on every channel, in every ‘entertainment genre’, like ‘The only way is Essex’, ‘something Chelsea’, ‘I’m a celebrity/want to be a celebrity, get me out of here/on TV’ – you know, the ‘Reality TV’ that has nothing ‘REAL’ about it!?

So, you can watch the whole thing on Youtube, but as a taster, or, as an hors d’oeuvre to both the film, and to what I consider my own ‘oeuvre’ here’s a clip that seemingly even has a direct ‘adventure’ reference for all those that were already losing interest and concentration:

Watch the clip

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