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Ben Thackwray


Climbed kilimanjaro the highest mountain in africa in 2002, in 2 days without acclimatisation

Ran first full ultra distance marathon, the 54 miles non-stop thames meander, finished 39th in just over 10 and a half hours.

Competed in the 21st 150 miles stage race across the sahara desert, the marathon des sables, the year the organizers have said was the toughest on record. in an international field of elite athletes, with the largest contingent from the uk, ben finished in the top 10 britons finishing the 150 miles in 30 hours 25 minutes 56 seconds with a highest overall ranking of 87th on stage 4 (the long day).

Ram 100 miles non–stop up and over the pennines in the inaugural pennine challenge. with only around a 25% completion rate (only 8 finished) ben finished the 100 miles in just over 30 hours, in 3rd place.

Ran 50 miles non stop in thames path race in just 7 hours 57 minutes finishing joint 9th.

Completed two back to back laps of the yorkshire dales three peaks, in 11 hours 15 minutes, making the decision on the third to stop to avoid serious injury, vowing to return again to complete three laps back to back with no support.

Successfully summited and traversed denali (mt. mckinley) the highest mountain in north america, one of the coldest mountains in the world and second only to everest in overall difficulty of the continental 7 summits.

The summit and traverse was particularly significant as the team was the only team this year, the first in 4 years and only the 3rd in 10 years to be successful in doing so.

Rowed across the atlantic unsupported from canaries to caribbean as part of the oyster shack crew along with simon chalk, ian couch, george oliver and michael martin in just 37 days 5 hours and 50 minutes, narrowly missing out on the open class world record.

The team overcame countless water maker problems, the violent breaking off of the rudder twice, 40 foot waves, lighting storms and endured the last 300 miles on just a few chocolate bars and a couple of liters of hand pumped water to make other world records and achievements along the way.

  • The first and probably only, 5 five man crew ever to row across the atlantic.
  • The fastest 1000 miles rowed out of the canaries.
  • The 5th fastest crossing ever of the Atlantic (any class rowing boat, by any route) - 5th out of just over 200.
  • The 2nd fastest crossing ever of the Atlantic in a conventional rowing boat (by any route).
  • The fastest crossing ever (any class boat) from canaries to antigua. (done by great circle route i.e. with no real currents or trade winds.)

Ran the ‘50 mile challenge’, a 52.4 ‘country’ miles non-stop double marathon ultra in 9 hrs 40 minutes.

Ran the 40 Miles Tring2Town non-stop Ultra Distance Marathon in 6 hours 18 minutes.

Ben and Ian Couch attempted the ENDURE expedition, a speed crossing of Greenland in 2009 for the first time. Setting out from the east coast with a 360 mile journey ahead of them, needed to travel as lightweight as possible Ben and Ian set off with just 12 days worth of food and fuel plus some emergency rations.

Being 100% committed to making big distances each Ben and Ian chose to push head on into conditions in which anyone would have under normal circumstances, chose to stop. Sadly Ben suffered 3rd degree frostbite and they were forced to abandon the expedition, but vowed to return and prove their strategy was possible.

Ran the Ultra Race 90. The 90 mile race over two days 2 x 45 miles along, which actually turn out to be around 94 miles, in 17 hours 28 mins.

Ben and Ian returned to Greenland in 2010 to again take on the speed crossing of Greenland. They refused to compromise their strategy and once again set out on an ultra-lightweight 360 mile expedition with just 12 days worth of food and fuel. `

After running into two polar bears in a white out, and subsequently being hunted for two days over the distance of around 40 miles, temperatures of -40, added intensity and hardships created by the speed strategy and the 12 mile maze of hazards on the west coast, Ben and Ian finally made it across Greenland in just 15 days, and set the record for the fastest ever British crossing of Greenland, and developed a strategy that they can take on to Antarctica to attempt a full traverse of the continent in what will be the ENDURE MORE expedition, and PART III of the ADVENTURE TRILOGY.

Now that we have record for the fastest British crossing of Greenland and have developed a strategy to take onto Antarctica and attempt a full traverse of the continent it’s full steam ahead with the ADVENTUE TRILOGY.

The Adventure Trilogy Part II – The Everest expedition (hopefully a summit AND traverse) starts on the 2nd April 2011.

And then the completion of the Adventure Trilogy, a full traverse of Antarctica, the Adventure Trilogy Part III (The ENDURE MORE expedition) will follow. Ian and I are also looking at a 360 miles speed expedition down the Skeleton watch this space!!!