Ben's Biography

Top of Mount Everest
Looking down on the world

Ben was born, raised and lives in Leeds, UK. As a boy Ben was educated at St Peter & Paul’s school and St. Mary’s Comprehensive.

He attended the F.A. centre of excellence and represented the Wharfedale and Airedale district and the West Yorkshire Schools at football. He went on to play semi-pro football from the age of 17 for two local teams, Farsley Celtic and his home town Guiseley AFC, and has scored goals in rounds of the FA Cup.

Throughout that time Ben graduated with honours from Leeds university with a BSc in ‘Physical Activity Exercise and health’.

In 2001 Ben wrote down on a piece of paper a list of things he wanted to in life and subsequently set about achieving them.

In 2003 Ben unfortunately sustained a serious knee injury playing football, snapping both anterior cruciate and medial ligaments, but after two major operations to reconstruct the knee and 18 months of painful self rehabilitation Ben made a return to football. However, the time away from the game gave Ben the opportunity to revisit his ‘to do’ list and he subsequently retired from football in pursuit of greater adventure and to focus on the fulfilment of his life ambitions.

Ben and Adventure Hub are experienced at and work across a broader range of adventure disciplines than any other individuals or company in the world including;

Ocean Rowing, Mountaineering and Trekking expeditions, Polar Travel, Desert and Jungle Expeditions, Ultra Distance running and Adventure Races. They also brought a new concept to the world of adventure, the lightweight unsupported ‘Running Expedition’; an exciting hybrid expedition born out of personal experience of lightweight speed expeditions, adventure racing and ultra distance running, in some of the harsh, challenging and awe-inspiring places in the world.