Pennine 100 Mile Challenge

Pennine 100 – “100 miles, self sufficient, on foot, over the Pennines, NON-STOP.”

In June 2006, Ben took up the inaugural challenge of running 100 miles non stop over the Pennines!

The route, designed to be the ultimate ultra distance course followed 100 miles of tough Pennine trails and tracks, and negotiated 10,000 metres of ascent and descent from start to finish - That's more than climbing and descending Everest from sea level in one go!

"I can't stress enough how difficult this race was. For anyone who considers a marathon as a long distance, try considering doing 4 marathons back to back without stopping, and over very hilly terrain. This event attracts a totally different type of individual and anyone who stood there on the start line that day has my ultimate respect."

This is an entirely different discipline to multi-day ultra distance races, or even a 50 mile race, and requires just one singular, super-human effort and display of determination and endurance.

On the day, by the end of the first marathon distance there were competitors who had already called it a day, and at the half way mark the race was down to 20 competitors. As darkness began to fall, so did the competitors and another 8 runners did not see it through to morning.

The facts speak for themselves - of the minutely small number of people who took up this challenge, all of which were experienced and somewhat elite ultra distance athletes, only around 25% succeeded in completing the distance.

Of the 29 pioneers that started the race, only 8 finished!

"Everyone who took part showed a level of courage and determination that most people will never understand, and thank God they don't have to."

Ben completed the 100 miles in just over 30 hours and in 3rd place.