Ben is an experienced speaker and has presented his experiences to wide ranging audiences from small school and college groups, to large financial institutions, to a packed house (around 1000 people) at the Royal Geographic Society, where he presented alongside Michael Palin and was introduced by Ranulph Fiennes.

From rowing an ocean, running across deserts, climbing mountains, crossing polar icecaps and running extreme endurance ultra marathons, all the associated tales and lessons learnt can be brought to you and your audience. Fascinating encounters with people from all over the world, beautiful and dangerous environments, life threatening situations, emotional highs and lows and the human dimension of people in truly extreme situations trying to cope with each other.

“However; There is no point doing these things and talking about them unless we all learn something. Anything. If you want to learn something, we can talk about it, but I’m not here to ‘motivate’ you, and I’m not interested in being applauded!”

“If you want a classroom discussion or want to talk over dinner or a few drinks, please get in touch”

“I believe the commodification of education and the opportunity to learn hinders our collective progression, so I do not charge a fee!”

“To that end, here’s a free video of a talk I did, where people were motivated, and I was applauded, but where nobody ‘really’ learned anything”.

Ben Thackwray - Transglobe Expedition Trust. Talking about setting the fastest British crossing of Greenland


"What a fantastic story!"
– Michael Palin CBE, Travel Writer, TV Presenter and President of the Royal Geographic Society.

"I have heard nothing but praise from loads of people. Your talk was absolutely excellent, thank you for being such a star"
– Anton Bowring, Transglobe Expedition Trust.

“Great night at the RGS yesterday - Enjoyed Ben Thackwray's talk a lot”
– Ed Stafford, first man to walk the Amazon.

"I really enjoyed your talk, it was very funny!"
– Jeanne Clement, Ginger Productions.

"Thank you for your brilliant contribution to our evening at the RGS. Your presentation was hugely appreciated and did an enormous amount towards making the evening a massive success".
– Peter Bowring, Chairman of the Transglobe Expedition Trust.

"Ben gave an inspiring, enthusiastic and descriptive account of an awesome achievement. His light hearted and funny anecdotes do not take anything away from the dangerous and spectacular challenges he puts before himself time and time again!"
– Dylan Hall, Sector Manager, DCR International

“Absolutely brilliant, the kids (and the teachers) haven’t stopped talking about it!”
– Andy Mullaney, Yorkshire Martyrs College

“Great talk last night, good on you! Fantastic line-up of brilliant adventure insights”
– Scott McNaughton, Everest Summiteer, Ocean Rower and Partner at BDO Stoy Hayward.

“Great talk, you even managed a few cheeky gags! Brilliant.”
– Judith Henry, PricewaterhouseCoopers.

“A really brilliant talk" – Sarah Anne Rivett, Teacher, South Craven School." – Sarah Anne Rivett, Teacher, South Craven School.

“Fantastic Achievement and a great insight into adventure activities”
– Marc Gilfoyle, Implementation Manager, HBoS plc.

“I listened to Bens talk last night at the Royal Geographic Society and thought it was fantastic. What an achievement and what a journey”.
Lucy Roberts, Head of year 13, Surbiton High School.

(Of training at boot camp) “It's been really tough but I've kept going because I am forever inspired by Ran (Fiennes)’s unwavering determination ... And - listening to you on Thursday inspired me as much. I didn't want to go running in the dark and wet on Friday evening, but I thought about your running feats and said to myself 'yea, I can do this paltry thing!!'. Thanks Ben. You were great - keep up the good work”.
– Janet Cox, Transglobe Expedition London Office.

“A fascinating talk on the challenges faced on Ben’s epic adventure across the Greenland icecap involving some rather scary encounters with polar bears. A great insight for anyone interested in achieving goals, motivation and encouraging sheer grit and determination”.
– Richard Butterworth, Lecturer, Leeds University.

"Ben gave a fantastic presentation on his unsupported trek across Greenland. The visuals portrayed a stunning, beautiful arctic landscape; immediately after I felt I wanted to experience the same view of nature in it's rawest. It's only once I got back home I realised it takes a special type of person to endure the physical extremes which Ben and his companion went through...... Lucky for half an hour I got to see it all through someone else's eyes." – Tom Booles, Strategy Manger, HBoS plc.

“Thoroughly absorbing from start to finish. The sense of adventure came across really well. Truly inspirational”.
– Neil Cleverly, Senior Manager, Lloyds Banking Group