Thames Meander - 54 Mile Race

Thames Meander 2006 – "My first Ultra"

The Thames Meander was a 54 mile race from Reading to London along the Thames Path.

In February 2006, having prepared thoroughly, but having never competed in a normal 26.3 mile marathon Ben ran this race, his first Ultra distance marathon, and finished a respectable 39th, in just over 10 and a half hours.

"I was really psyched up for this challenge and I knew that however long it took me I was going to finish. That was the only target for the day. As it happens I was so much in the zone, and well prepared physically that day, that I ran a completely even paced race, without stopping and even had enough in the tank to put in a sprint finish. I knew then that I could go faster, and further.

"I got into the ultra distance running as a test of endurance, I knew that the things I want to do are all about endurance, so I took a pre meditated decision to equip myself with the necessary physical and mental skills that I would need in the future. We all know the old adage, ‘If you fail to prepare, then you should prepare to fail’, this ultra distance marathon was just the start of my preparation”.