Tring 2 Town - 40 Mile Race

Tring2Town is actually a foot race covering 80 miles along the Grand Union Canal. The event has an optional format; competitors have a choice of which day and which direction to run, or there is the option to run both days, both ways.

On Saturday the course runs 40 miles from London Brentford, to Tring in Hertfordshire along the Grand Union Canal. Sunday see’s the reverse from Tring to London Brentford. As is pretty standard for Ultras, each competitor must carry all his or her supplies and compulsory equipment for the duration of the event.

I entered the event purely as a training event for the endure expedition and ran the 40 miles on the Saturday.

I was actually reasonably pleased with my run on the Saturday and I finished the 40 miles easily in 6 hours 18 minutes despite a twisted ankle and for the first time in an ultra I didn’t hit ‘the wall’. I’m probably not as fast as I was when I did 50 miles in the Thames Path race but the Tring2Town confirmed for me that I’m more consistent, (my splits were 10 miles, 1h 30mins; 20 miles, 3h 00mins; 30 miles, 4h 30 mins) and I’m definitely better conditioned and a more ‘skilled’ runner now – which is exactly what I train for, as it’s the ability to perform well over long periods and manage my own systems so there is little impact on the body, that I can take into other disciplines.

I recommend the Tring2Town for anyone who is looking for an introduction to Ultra Distance Running, it’s a good distance, impossible to get lost and a well organised event.