Ultra Race 90 Mile Race

The Ultra Race 45/90 is a new race from multi ultra marathon runner Rory Coleman. I’ve taken part in a few events that Rory has organised and I’ve had great results in each of them. (The Pennine 100 and the Thames Path 50).

I had a bad year in 2009 and really wanted to get 2010 off to a good start so a 90 miles run over two days was the perfect challenge.

For me, consistency is the measure of how well someone does in an event like this over two days, it’s about knowing what you’re capable of, working hard for it and putting everything you know into practice when it matters. (It’s also the skill you need to be successful on the big expeditions).

The course itself turned out to be closer to 47 miles on the Saturday and 47 miles on the Sunday but the best organised and managed I’ve taken part in and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. I’m really happy with a great start to a great year!...

I ran the c47 mile son Saturday in 8 hours 40 mins, and then ran the c47 miles back on the Sunday in 8 hours 48 mins. Consistent! (And about 94 miles in a weekend in a combined 17 hours 28 mins).

Job done!